What to Expect on a Party Bus

Life events should be celebrated to the best of their potential. If you’re looking to make a grand event out of a special occasion, then one prime option is to hire a party bus. For those who have never had the experience before, the concept can be a bit foreign. However, this doesn’t mean that you at least shouldn’t give it a chance. To better prepare you for the experience, below is an overview of what you can expect the first time you hire a bus. Not only will you have a great time, but so your close friends and family.


The first grand aspect about a these types of buses are that they are equipped with dozens of great amenities. Party buses are usually equipped with flat screen TVs, dance poles, disco balls, bars, and more. You can choose to bring your own entertainment to feature on the flat screens, and you can equip the bar with your favorite alcohol. These amenities are great for anyone who is looking to have a good time and enjoy with friends and family.



A disco ball and dancing pole would not be complete without your favorite type of music. Many buses offer high-quality sound systems that are built-in. You can choose to play any music that you’d like. Simply bring your CDs or connectable iPad or iPhone and the driver will connect the music device for you. You’ll have complete control of the sound system, so if you want to make the music loud or quiet, then it is all up to you. In some instances, depending on the bus you choose, you can also have a DJ for your bus. Some companies work with private DJs, while others require you to commission your own.


The purpose of a party bus is to allow you to have a good time safely. Buses provide you with the ability to drink and enjoy a good time out without the hassle of worrying about who will drive. Therefore, the next time you hire a party bus, you can certainly expect a safe experience because you won’t need to worry about potentially getting a DUI or needing to pay for a cab home.

Overall, hiring a bus is a great option if you expect to have a good time and enjoy amenities such as TVs, dance poles, disco balls, bars, and quality music all the while having a safe experience.

After The Ceremony – How About A Wedding Party Bus?

This is your wedding night, and this should be the ultimate reason behind showing off your style, standard and creativity. What about hiring a wedding party bus for the guests to provide them extra hours of fun and happiness? It is a great way to dazzle the guests with style and show.

Benefits of hiring a limo bus:

After long days of separation people meet with each other in a wedding ceremony, most of them may want to spend few more hours with the dear ones or may just want to hang out with them throughout the town. In such cases you can give a special treatment to your friends and families by hiring a wedding party bus. These buses are the ultimate definition of style, luxury and comfort which come hand in hand. Different buses have different theme which provides you ample options to choose according to your wedding theme. Often the concerned service provider arranges the interior décor as per the need and request of the consumer. These agencies not only welcome special request but they also encourage the consumer to provide ideas in order to transform the after ceremony party more endearing and to make this journey an unforgettable experience.


The buses are beautifully and carefully maintained and these buses can accommodate a good number of people. This is the best way to provide transportation to the honorable guests in a premiere manner. Before hiring a car, schedule a meeting with the reservation consultants of the concerned company in order to discuss your demands and needs. They can help you to choose the suitable bus for the after ceremony party. The bus will be driven by a chauffeur who will be highly professional and extremely well behaved.

The booking process for hiring a party bus is easy and the bus will certainly upgrade the standard of the after wedding ceremony. With its extremely gorgeous infrastructure and interior décor it will attain the attention of the entire guest and with the firing music system the party will reach to the extreme level of enjoyment as well as excitement. The party buses include style and elegance.

What should I check before hiring a party bus?

Before hiring a party bus, consumers are advised to browse through the internet in order to select the best service provider of the locality. The consumer can also see the real images of the bus from the website of the concerned agency. This will help them in generating more ideas and will help the consumer in shaping up the plan. But if the consumers still have doubt they can visit the agency’s office to observe the details of these limo buses.

The chauffer must be professional and licensed and they must be appointed after various rounds of background check. You must be ensured of the fact that there is no hidden cost, and before hiring a service if you compare the price then it will be a smarter approach. Make sure that the reservationist will be within reach over the phone throughout the deal.

Models of Stretch Limousines

From the stylish town cars and stretch limousines to classic Hummer limos, the limos are an elegant choice for consummate travelers. Stretch limos which were earlier believed to be used only by movie celebrities and political leaders are now affordable by common people too. They are perfectly suitable for special occasions like bachelor’s party, wedding party and other major events where you can travel in perfect elegance and style.

Features of Stretch Limos

These limos are usually used to transport more than six passengers excluding the driver. The chassis of these limousines are extended by the manufacturer or by an independent coach builder. The partition between the driver and passengers usually contains a sliding soundproof glass window so that the conversations between passengers in the next compartment may be kept private from the chauffer. Having a lengthened wheelbase they operate as livery vehicles which provide much competition to taxicabs.

Varied models

  • Cadillac XTS Limousine: Cadillac has always been at the forefront of innovation, safety and performance. It continues its proud tradition with its distinctive sculpted lines and state of the art systems including advanced radar and sensor systems. It is featured with adaptive lighting in front, safety alert for driver’s seat with automatic front braking and automatic parking assist.
  • Caprice Limousine: Also known as Holden Caprice, it is a full size car with long-wheelbase with V8 engines. Caprices are distinguished by unique interiors and exterior trim such as grille insert. The suspension of this limousine is more sport-oriented.
  • Lincoln MKT Limousine: Starting from the famous Continental Limousines to Presidential Limousines, the prestigious name of these limousines is synonymous with unique American luxury, design elegance and their build quality.
  • Lincoln Navigator L: A full size luxury SUV built by Ford shares its mechanical features and other equipment with Ford expedition, an earlier version. It has unique and upscale styling, interior materials, and other special features for private use including expensive audio players, video players, televisions and bars.
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limousine: Offers passengers with top flight limousine luxury hidden by a discreet exterior van. It is suitable for large parties with generous headroom and ease of entry. It is easily able to blend quietly with a variety of environments while the renowned three pointed star on the grille hints at sumptuous interior.
  • Ford Excursion Limousine: It has unique features like ambient lighting, stylish leather couch, rear seating and a complete array of rear controls.
  • Stretch SUV Limos: As the name itself suggests, the bigger and extravagant limos are absolutely perfect for larger parties and wedding ceremonies adding a finishing touch for the occasion.

All limousines can be customized to meet your specific needs and you can depend on their high quality for an exceptional ride. Each model offers various seating and interior options which are available in a four or five door configuration. With the line-up of Stretch limos you will find the latest models of elegant limousines with features like a wet bar, individual air conditioning controls, entertainment systems and privacy divisions.

Great Chicago Bachelor Party Ideas

From the time when you have thought of getting married, you will definitely have a plan to enjoy at the bachelor’s party. Indeed, you should have such plans because you are ending one of the precious times of your life, and entering into the stage of the responsibilities. That transition period comes once in the life and that that obviously calls for a celebration. And when you are terminating the stage of bachelorhood, all you want on the final day is friends and family members, who have played a curtail role in your life.

Bachelor party is organized by many people, but the when you are looking to party in an innovative way you can always go for the bachelor party in limousine. That is why; the people of Chicago also are hiring Chicago bachelor party limos, because it has an option of partying in a private place without any disturbance of other family members.

Innovative ideas for Bachelors party

Bachelor’s party is mostly organized just prior to the night of wedding day. But people lack with the ideas and often fail to make that precious day uneventful. For that not to happen you can go for innovative Bachelor’s party ideas like:


  • Since the bachelor’s party is organized just prior to the night of the wedding you wouldn’t want take too much of stress by dancing or grooving to high pitch music beats. Indeed you will like to spend some time with friends and family members. So, you can go for the limo party vans or buses, which has the option of partying along with travelling also. In between the party, you can even stop the car and take some fresh air to de stress the mind.
  • For the people of Chicago, limos are one of the prime options for the Chicago bachelor party. When you looking for an option of the freaking out after taking fresh air, you can even go very cozy and a party like ambiance has already been created with top grade music, separate liquor section and lighting dancing floors. Apart from that, there is also a facility of watching movies and videos sitting on conformable couches.
  • When you think of partying with friends and very close family members, you will look for a private place, which you can’t arrange at home. And when you go for a limo party van for the bachelor’s party, the chances of disturbance created by the other family members become less. This will allow you and other bachelor party members enjoy to the fullest.

To sum up

Bachelor’s party is one of the recent trends that is celebrated to mark the termination of the bachelor part of the life. And this point in life demands a celebration, which one will like to spend with people who have played a significant role in their life up till now. Who better than friends and people of the same age in the family to be in the list of invitees of the bachelor’s party? And when you get to party at a very private place, without any disturbance of the other family members, you will definitely relish it.

How Do They Put Flat Screen TVs In Limos?

When we talk about entertainment and luxury on the move, one particular word definitely comes to our mind, and that is “limousines”. A limousine is one such amazing vehicle that combines luxury, entertainment, and comfort, which allows you to experience a memorable ride with your near and dear ones. Like we know, leather seats and highly expensive cushions are the prime aspects that define comfort in any limo. When it comes to entertainment, music system, a small bar and flat screen televisions are perhaps the elements that you need to check out. But, how do the limo service providers place a flat screen television inside the vehicle? What technique or method they basically incorporate to make sure the Flat Screen TV set gets perfectly installed inside the vehicle, without bringing down the beauty of the interior? In case you too want to know the answers then this article will surely prove to be informational for you.

How do they do it?


When the limousines are manufactured or built, they do not have television sets or DJ systems. But, the interior technical designer service providers do a complete makeover of the luxurious vehicle by adding all the necessary features, including the flat screen television set. Quite certainly, the selection of the size of the flat screen television set is carried out in accordance with the size and seating capacity of the vehicle. In limousines and other such luxury vehicles, it is quite common to find a small tv screen on the back of every seat. However, here what we talking about are the large ones. Yes, the flat screen television sets installed inside the limousines are usually of the following sizes- 15 inches, 17 inches, 23 inches, 32 inches, and 42 inches. It is very obvious that the size of the television set increases as the size of the vehicle turns out to be larger. But, the question is- how the installation is done?

Well, the installation of the flat screen television set inside the limousine is usually done through TV panels or frames. When the interior decoration and designing of the vehicle is carried out, panels or frames according to the size of the television set are also installed at the same time. The panels are usually made up of aluminum or tough fiber. The panels are strong enough to bear the weight of the TV set, even when the vehicle goes through the bumps on the road. Once the panels are installed properly against the main frame of the vehicle, the whole structure is absolutely ready to hold the Flat Screen TV without causing any damage even in the long run.

With the passage of time, light in weight LED flat screen television sets have successfully replaced the traditional and heavy ones. As a result, it has turned out to be more convenient to install the large screen TV set, particularly on the panel just behind the chauffeur of the limo.